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This is Cam, one of the co-founders of Threadbase. One of the most important things I built into Threadbase early on was the ability for anyone to customize the look and feel of their community without the need to program.

To start customizing your community, head over to and login to your administrator account. Once you’re logged in, select the community you want to customize using the sidebar, and then you’ll have a few options to bring your community to life:

  • Settings - In here, you can update the title, tagline, and description of your community. You can also change the link of your community, or on our Growing or Popular tiers, you can connect your Threadbase community to a custom domain to truly personalize your user experience.
  • Design - This is where the fun happens. In this section, you can use one of our pre-built themes to complete change how your community looks with just a few clicks. We named our themes after some of our favorite cities, and we’re adding new themes all the time so make sure to check the Design tab for new updates. On any paid tier, you’ll also be able to customize a pre-built theme, which means you can change the colors, fonts, and buttons to match your brand.
  • Social - Last but not least, the Social section is where you can put links that direct your community to other channels you own. You can add your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and/or Vimeo link, and you can also add an image to use for when your community links get shared around the web. We recommend an image that is 1200 x 630.

With those three options, you can create the perfect community that matches your brand, store, or company, and if you have any thoughts on more ways you’d like to customize your community, feel free to email us any time at

Happy customizing!
CTO and Co-founder

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