Tips to grow your community

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This is Chris again, and the last post I wanted to share with you is some quick tips on how to grow your community. After all, a community only works with people and content to enjoy.

So, here are three things you can do to jump start your community:

  • A community needs to be seeded in order to grow. We highly recommend that the team (or person) behind the community spends time adding welcome posts to new visitors and explain a bit about what your community is for and why it'll help people. Feel free to do this across multiple posts or write one big post. The important part is that you communicate the value of your community and why people should come back each day.
  • Once you seed your community, it'll need users to grow. Once you have your first few intro posts, you need users to read and interact with them. We recommend promoting emailing your friends and family announcing your post and take advantage of your followers on channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you know people with large followings, make sure you ask them to share or promote your community as well! If you ever need to grab your community link, there are two ways to do: 1) if you’re in your dashboard, head to Settings and grab the full link shown under Short name or 2) if you’re on your community, grab the link from your browser (it might look like or it’ll be your custom domain link if you’re on the Growing or Popular tiers).
  • Consistent content and user outreach will allow your community to bloom. The key to true success for any community is consistency. Make sure you or early fans of your community post daily, and make sure you update your community about when knew content is available. Take advantage of sharing your links on your social channels or grab the emails for your community members in the Users section of your dashboard and send them weekly or daily digests. With a steady cadence of content and activity, your community will eventually start to grow on its own and then your community will thrive.

I hope those three tips help you to get your community started, and if you ever have any feedback or thoughts about how we can make Threadbase better, feel free to email us any time at

CEO and Co-Founder

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